What is Realm?
Realm is an on-line, cloud-based program that allows members of LBC to access and update their membership, group and giving information online.
Is Realm Secure?
Yes. You will not be able to view another member’s personal information, nor will other members be allowed to view your personal information.
What Are The Features of Realm?

  • View and update your profile (address, phone, email. etc.)

  • View your giving history

  • Set up one-time or recurring gifts through ACH (Checking Account), Debit Card, or Credit Card

  • Email or view directory of your Sunday School Class/Discipleship Groups

How Can I Register to Use Realm?
To utilize Realm register online at  Click on Register Now.

You can also click on the Realm button on church website at

You will be asked to enter your email address and create a password.

You will then receive a confirmation email with a link to click to verify your login.

How Can I Give Using Realm?
Do i need to use an envelope?
You do not have to use and envelope in service as online giving is automatically transferred from your bank accoun to the church's bank account. If you wish to place an enevelope in the offering plate, just write ONLINE somewhere on the enevelope to indicate you gave the gift though Online giving.

Through Realm Profile
Log into your profile at
Click on Giving, then +Give. You can enter one-time gifts or set up recurring gifts.

Through Church Website
Click on Give Now button on homepage at
You can enter one-time gifts.

Through LBC App
Download LBC App from Apple or Google Play. Click on Give Now button. You can enter one-time gifts.

You can enter gift information (amount and account information) on the next screen.


Through Text Giving
Text lbcfamilynet to 73256.

Click on the link in the reply text and enter information requested. You can enter one-time gifts. 

You will receive a confirmation text