Our Mission
We are committed to be led by the Holy Spirit to pray for our pastor, worship leader, deacons, church council, administrative committee, and church staff. Praying and  believing in faith that Christ will change  lives, situations and circumstances in our church for the advancement of His kingdom. We pray for unbelievers to come into believing faith in Jesus Christ and making disciples. We humbly pray before God with a repentant heart seeking his will. Submitting to Jesus Christ as the Head of the church and striving to obey His commandment that His church should be called a House of Prayer.

Our Vision
To train and  instruct believers to pray and intercede, building a House of Prayer exalting God. Focus and target prayer of what God’s will is for the church as ministries and needs arise. Building and organizing a prayer team for request of  urgent, salvation, health, financial, and other unspoken prayer needs. Corporate prayer together as our shepherd is being led to the direction of God’s will.

Meeting Times
Sunday 8:30am, before service in adult education wing
Sunday 11:45 after Sunday school in the sanctuary

Prayer Leaders
Men: Tim Lowe 615-260-5767
Women: Patricia Curtis 615-542-4209

Request Prayer Here