2016-2017 Deacon Body

Deacon Name Family Responsibility
Tracy Summar A-B, T
Al Bartolotto A-B, T
Bill McBroom C-D, F
John McDearmon C-D, F
Chris Elliott G-I
Larry Beard G-I
Chris Wrather K, M
Jim Morgan K, M
Don Odom J, L, N-O
Todd Summar J, L, N-O
Chip Cook P-S
Ryan Taylor P-S
Jerry Kelton E,  U-Z
Clyde Summar E,  U-Z
  • Deacons serve a term of 3 years after nomination and affirmation by the Church.
  • Deacons serve the families of our Church by:
    • Maintaining unity within the body
    • Meeting the physical needs of our Church families
    • Meeting the benevolence needs of our Church families and our community
  • Deacons are organized for ministry based upon first letter of last name of member